To Zoom or not to Zoom?

To Zoom or not to Zoom? Delving into the advantages and disadvantages of online networking

Will online meetings monopolise the landscape forever?

Firstly, other networking platforms are also available (that’s that out of the way!). The testing times brought to us courtesy of our modern-day nemesis, the COVID pandemic, have seen us all at the whim of networking sites to keep in touch with our family, friends and colleagues. Whether it be Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google’s Hangouts Meet, Cisco Webex or another of the many purveyors of interaction, online networking has enriched our lives of late, which begs the question, are you ready for a return to the old-style in-person meet up?

Join me as I detail the pros and cons of our increased tech usage, and evaluate its impact on our lifestyles.

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Caroline Dobson

Caroline Dobson
The Business Launch Academy

I was introduced to CRS Editorial when attending various business networking events and after a short time of knowing Craig it became very apparent that his professionalism and expertise to his work shone through, which made CRS Editorial the obvious choice when I required them to take on a content project. In what appeared to be no time at all he understood my brief and produced some eye catching, easy to understand work for my target audience. If you are looking to work with a business that is professional, punctual and a general all round super guy I urge you to make contact. I would have no hesitation in recommending Craig to our future business clients and look forward to hearing about his continued success.


Editing and proofreading

How to distinguish between an edit and a proofread

Letters make words, words need an edit, or is it a proofread?

Does your project require the expertise of an editorial professional, but you are unsure to what degree? Fear not. You are not alone.

A significant number of clients I have worked with are initially unsure whether their work is in need of an edit or a proofread. Allow me to help and show you the differences that exist between the two.

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Looking ahead to 2021

Out with the old and in with the new – Five ways to banish the memory of 2020 and focus on your future

It is important to look forward and not back.

Are you counting down the days until the end of December and the conclusion to 2020? If you are, you aren’t alone.

Like an overfull belly on Christmas Day, it is safe to say we have had enough! Not one more sprout, not one more negative news bulletin. I am no magician and therefore am not claiming that 2021 will be trouble free, because, quite frankly, life isn’t life without its ups and downs. But if we can put the year 2020 out with the rubbish, we can look to the future with optimism, hope and encouragement.

Sitting comfortably? Join me as I detail the five ways I intend to kickstart the new year!

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Going self-employed

Going self-employed – Five key points that helped me and may help you in the transition from full-time employment to becoming your own boss

Utilising electronics, having an action plan and communicating with others are key.

The year 2020 will forever be etched in our memories. For many of us, the constant battle against COVID-19 and the restrictions on life as a result of it, will feature prominently on the agenda when it comes to ‘worst year ever’ chats. When the pandemic hit and those who could began to work from home, it was far from ideal, but we did as us humans do and ‘got on with it’. A large number of us, me included, were made redundant as a direct result of coronavirus.

Here, I detail the five steps I took that helped me get through this tough time and enabled me to set up a new business. I hope they can help you do the same.

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